Having a nice drink with creamy froth every morning before going to work is a great way to start a day. You want to be able to do it at home but you are hesitant about using complicated tool? Don’t be worry; a motorized whisk – the simplest type and the best milk frother on the market – is exactly what you need to make your own delicious drink.

A motorized whisk is also known as a handheld battery-operated milk frother. It is absolutely very easy to use and cost-effective. Before you move on to a more complicated multi-purpose machine for making drinks, it is a good idea to start with this simple device first. Here are the main features of a motorized whisk with both pros and cons included:

• Ease of use

A motorized whisk is no doubt a very good choice for beginner. Learning how to make good froth may take practice but the technique of frothing milk with this device is very simple. Basically, all you need to do is just submerging the whisk tip in the milk, turn on the start button, move the device slowly while frothing and you get the frothed milk in less than a minute. Remember that you must not turn on the device before placing the whisk tip in the milk because the steamed milk may splash out of the jug and end up on your hands (or your face, if you lean on too closely). And you can’t do anything else while frothing the milk because both of your hands are tied.

motorized whisk milk frother

• Quick frothing

The whisk will froth warm and cold milk in less than one minute; normally it takes about 15-30 seconds. Remember that this type of handheld frother does not steam the milk for you so you need to prepare the milk in the microwave or on the oven beforehand.

• No temperature control

No surprising that this simple handheld device does not come with the temperature control feature. You can rely on guessing and your experience or you can use an inexpensive frothing thermometer or you can make a thermometer by yourself to check the temperature of prepared milk before frothing. With a thermometer, you can make sure the ideal milk temperature is reached (around 135 °F – 155 °F).

• Good-quality froth

motized whisk milk frother

Or course, quality is one of the most important factors to consider. With a motorized whisk, you can get good-quality froth. Bear in mind that the quantity you can produce each time is small, around one cup or two only; also the quality is not as consistent and the froth texture is not as good as when you use an automatic/electric frother because process is done with your hand. That being said, people normally use this device for making small quality of drink anyway so consistency is not a big issue. Also, one advantage of using the handheld device is that it can froth all types of milk.

• Affordable price

One main reason why people love using motorized whisks is because of their price. They are mostly inexpensive (from £5 to £35).

• Little power consumption

AA battery

As the device is battery powered, on the plus side you can still use it in case of black out; on the down side, you will need spare AA or AAA batteries around. Depending on how often you use to device, you may have to change batteries quite frequently.

• Easy cleaning

motorized milk frother

A motorized whisk requires very little maintenance but make sure you clean it up after each use. You only need submerge the whisk (but not the handle) into warm or hot soapy water for about a minute and use a damp, soft cloth to wipe the handle. A little bit of cleaning each time will keep your device last for a long time. This device is not dishwasher safe, don’t forget that.

• High portability and Durability

Motorized whisks are small and lightweight, which means that they can be stored or carry anywhere you want. You can easily fit a handheld frother in your luggage and take with you on your trips.

The device in general is very durable; there are models with stems and handles made of premium quality stainless steel.

• Quiet operation

A motorized whisk does not cause the same noise you here in a coffee shop from a coffee making machine. In fact, it is very quiet so you don’t have to be concerned about the noise level

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Brick & Firewood: Choose a Money-Saving Fireplace

Bills may seem never-ending, but you can lower your monthly energy or gas bill if you consider a wood-burning fireplace. In addition to this, choosing a brick design will enhance the benefits of your fireplace, and this will also save you money.

Wood: The Best Energy Source

A fireplace can be self-reliant, depending on the one you choose. Gas and electric fireplaces will not work if your gas or electricity is off. But a wood fireplace will keep you warm in case of a gas or power outage. Wood is also a natural alternative that will keep your electric and gas bill lower.

Placing wood in your fireplace will also give you the ability to be physical again. Other heating systems require you to press a button, but a wood fireplace needs a little labor. A little labor can go a long way, especially in modern times when physical activity has been reduced to technological advances and conveniences.

Have you given some thought to the kind of design your fireplace should have? Classics never die, which is one reason to consider brick as your design and material source.

wood fireplace

A Brick Design: Durable and Visually Appealing

Choosing a brick design will give your home an elegance that many covet. It is visually appealing, but this is not the only reason. Brick is one of the oldest building materials, and one of the most durable. This material will last a long time, which helps you avoid costly repairs. But durability is just the tip of the iceberg.

Bricks are made from a non-combustible material. So they are able to trap heat without catching fire. The heat coming from your fireplace gets trapped in the brick, giving you more warmth. More warmth will reduce the use of costly alternatives. The thickness of the brick does determine how resistant it is to fire, so keep that in mind when you are shopping around.

Another benefit of choosing brick is it does not suffer like other materials. This is due to brick being made of clay, and clay is a material that does not rot.

A fireplace within a home has its charm. Perhaps it was this charm that persuaded you to consider a fireplace. The aforementioned benefits should nudge you to stop considering a fireplace and start building one in your home.

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How to choose the right vacuum sealer?

Vacuum packaging is the process of eliminating air from a bag for the preservation of a product. Vacuum packaging is very popular nowadays, its prime objective being the increase of shelf life of a product. The most efficient way to incorporate vacuum packaging is vacuum sealing. Vacuum sealing is done by an industrial vacuum sealer which uses an integrated pump to remove most of the air inside the bag. Vacuum sealer are available in varieties and we need to know how choose the best vacuum sealer.

How to choose the best vacuum sealer

A vacuum sealer basically attempts to eliminate a larger portion of oxygen from the bag. The nitrogen present in the air is inert and does not affect food or pharmaceutical products. It is oxygen that mainly contributes to the growth of fungi and bacteria thereby causing a significant decrease in the shelf life of the product. An industrial vacuum sealer tries to limit the oxygen level to 0.05%, thus increasing the shelf life of a food product by 30%. Industrial vacuum sealers are mostly application based. For example, a chamber sealer is more time consuming than a nozzle sealer, but it is more efficient for liquids and powders.

A comparison between Nozzle Vacuum Sealer and Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Both types of sealer are efficient in sealing solid products, but have their own unique benefits.

Chamber comparison

1. Nozzle Vacuum Sealer

This type of sealer has a lower operating time are robust and provides greater handling or control over the bag. Nozzle vacuum sealers or snorkel sealers are foot pedal operated.

Nozzle sealers rely on an air compressor and pneumatic cylinders for their operation. The PLC allows the sealer to be password protected and also allows different recipes to be saved. The Programmable logic controller (PLC) also facilitates in programming the machine using a digital display.

Each cycle is completed in approximately 10 seconds. Thus, using a nozzle sealer we can vacuum package at least 200 bags within an hour. The nozzle sealer uses a foot pedal which allows the users to hold the bag using their hands and vacuum it to their satisfaction.

Other benefits of the nozzle sealers are:

  • The machine is very user friendly allowing easy control
  • We can seal custom sized bags.
  • Any size of bags can be vacuumed and sealed.

Few disadvantages of nozzle sealers are:

  • Only one bag can be processed under one cycle
  • Operators are generally required to hold the product and adjust the pouches manually every cycle.
  • A separate air source is required all the time.
  • Powders and ground products generally get trapped in the air hose and are not fit for use in this machine.
  • If the bag is stuffed to the top , the nozzle may damage the product.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer

A chamber sealer vacuums a higher percentage of oxygen from a bag at a much slower speed. It removes oxygen up to 0.02% and it does not use any foot pedal. It uses an internal vacuuming method and uses sensors to close the lid. The biggest difference is that the pressure applied is inside the chamber but outside the bag.

The amount of air removed depends on the user’s specified setting, the bag is then gas flushed or sealed. The sealing is done twice. Each cycle approximately takes 20 seconds and an estimated 160 bags can be packed per hour.

Other benefits of chamber sealer:

  • Allows multiple pouches to be sealed at the same time
  • Little or minimal operator involvement after the lid has been closed.
  • Partial vacuuming is also possible.
  • In-built compressor, so only an electrical outlet is required.

Few disadvantages of Chamber sealer:

  • It is more expensive than a nozzle type sealer.
  • It is slower.
  • Heavier and difficult to move.

What to consider before you purchase?

  • How many pouches to be sealed per shift
  • What is the pouch material?
  • How much space is available for other machine?
  • How do you plan to use this machine and what is your budget?
  • What is the type of product you will be packaging?

Options available

  • Gas flush: creates an inert gas environment
  • Soft air: air filed at much slower pace.
  • Higher voltage: as per your needs
  • Multiple nozzles:- when there is a need for increased productivity
  • Cut off seal wire and bi-active seal are also available options.

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Essential Oil Diffuser – good idea to fill your home smell amazing

With the growth of the demography, technology and corporate work culture, our lives have turned monotonous and often divert our focus & concentration. To help us rejuvenate the suppressed senses we have witnessed the growth of large number of massages and spas.

It is great to know that massage oils, essential oils and even incense sticks are the hottest product to use in soothing our senses. As a result, people have switched to buying essential oil diffuser over mood lights or relaxing music.

What is the Essential Oil Diffuser? – The essential oil diffuser is a small-sized device that makes use of the concept of diffusion to spread essential oils all around the room. This device helps to diffuse the aroma of cheap and natural air purifier.

Essential Oil Diffuser

How does it work? – Diffuser of essential oils is one of the best ways to receive their therapeutic benefits. When a person inhales, it strikes our brain, similarly with the spray of the essential oil diffuser you can turn out the unwanted odors within a room and replace them with oil fragrances.

You will find that the diffusers are mainly of four types, these includes –

  • Heat Diffusers
  • Mist Diffusers
  • Fan Diffusers
  • Nebulizers

These four diffusers and definite set of instruction are the reason on how to use these diffusers – With the use of these top rated essential oil diffusers the aroma of good smell is surely going to proliferate place. Moreover, a diffuser is the cheap and natural purifier, but it depends on the kind of oil used. The device can remove the unwanted odors.

Why should you buy a Diffusers to Disperse Essential Oils?

Now the question that many will pose before us is why we need an essential oil diffuser!

  • The greatest ability for which we must welcome them at our home is their ability to purify the air.
  • When sprayed in the air it mingles with oxygenated molecules and makes the bacteria, fungus, mold inactive.
  • Essential oils coming out of the diffuser help us in treating anti-viral, antibacterial and antiseptic properties.
  • As per some of the research and finding, essential oils help us lose weight by taking away food cravings. Especially we have seen that people down with chronic respiratory problems wants a room with purified air, that’s what an essential oil do.
  • The use of diffusers are no doubt one of the creative so it has turned out to be the effective and convenient ways to experience.
  • Diffuser is the second best option to improve your home, work or study environment.
  • Essential oils if sprayed by the friends sound quite romantic, as they have been widely researched for their ability to improve accuracy and memory.
  • Well diffuser oils helps to purify the air from neutralize mildew, cigarette smoke or certain stories of
  • Diffuse oils such as lemon or lavender keep us immersed in a balancing effect.

Most effective way to use essential oils as inhalations is by using a vaporizer or micro-diffuser. From finer particles to missed particles, you will find everything diffused in the air.

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The New Trends You Should Know About Fireplace When Renovating or Building a New Home

With temperatures falling, northern wind started blowing, cooler autumn evening and wintry nights makes sure that winter are on their way. Winter evenings are the coziest and give you a space to be at your own self at least once. You can enjoy the fireplace warmth in your premises and might cherish a P.G Woodhouse. Earlier, winter months were troublesome as had to gather the kindling for fire, simply arranging the fire materials carefully, tending the fire up till it dies and sweeping the shoes after fires die out. Well, if you switch over to a modern fireplace like gas of electric fireplaces you can simply take rest as you do not need to bother like the way you did to run your traditional beliefs.

When you think to intricately carved marble increase the property value of your house, you tend to forget about your fireplaces. Most of you love to focus on bathrooms, kitchen and even the yards for accessories. Fireplaces are the most common elements of tradition, culture, and value, so when we decorate our home for the winter and let people know what is.


Electric fireplaces are of easy installation

If you are a starter and do not know about the use of electric fireplaces, will be happy to note that it is easy to install compared to a traditional fireplace. The way conventional fireplaces are built by breaking down walls, electric fireplaces does not need it. These fireplaces come with two main features a mantel or a cabinet and electric fireplace insert or heating unit. You do not need to cut down the chimney from the roof, simply insert the electric fireplace to run the fireplace.

Modern polished looks electrical fireplace comes with some standard features that include three-prong electrical plug that can be plugged into any household outlet. Most of these fireplaces come with a remote control to allow instant heating of any room at the touch of s simple button. Traditional fireplace is costly besides installing them. However, with electric fireplace you will get the same enjoyment, warmth, and ambiance of a traditional fireplace but without burning your pocket.

Now your fireplace can be in any room

Fireplaces traditionally used to be the center of focus at living rooms. In modern homes it is grew out to be more versatile that can easily go in other rooms as well. Today you would find that a fireplace is of versatile nature, so it suits any ambience. This design trend helps people to enjoy the feel and look of a fireplace, all the while relaxing in the bed reading a book. You can install the fireplaces in kitchens to prudence extra warmth in the wintry days.

No More Indoor or Outdoor, Fireplace Can Be Anywhere

Fireplace of today is no more for indoor use. Modern homes uses electric fireplace that works outside as well. Homeowners can install their fireplace in the outdoor living rooms [if any] or a patio. You will find that the outdoor fireplace have a huge set up and resembles closely to an indoor fireplace. You can install them anytime on a deck or and add some warmth and cool ambience in the summer months.

Use of Modern Materials

Traditional fireplaces use to be of brick and mortar, but today you have number of options before someone start building the fireplace into your home. In a fireplace with modern features, you can find a sporty and elegant stone exterior that brighten up your home décor. You would also find options in exterior materials over concrete, steel, metal, marble, slab, wood, or maybe a combination of wood and brick. Keeping the exterior design in mind the options of the interior appear with glass, rock and other materials to have a contemporary look. The best part is that even homeowners can select an industrial look with streamlined, clean lines or intricately carved marble appearance.

It’s Environment Friendlywill-pay-more-for-eco-friendly-products-advertising-bizreport-678x708We are conscious of our world and environment and to reduce the carbon footprints and preserve the forest we make products out of material that would not harm our environment. Traditional wood fireplaces consume wood, produced smoke and were a source of pollution. However, with time everything changes as now you have access to smokeless electric fireplaces. They can supply with up to 4700 BTU’s an hour. Well, this is no doubt enough energy to keep you snug in 400 ft2 of your home.

Bring home an electric fireplace if you are going to renovate or buy a new home look for the trendy and modern fireplaces like the electric fireplaces.

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